The Unfamiliar Face Of Women In New Luxury


In our most recent column for Luxury Daily, we dig deeper into the concept of 'new luxury' and how women in the U.S. are drastically changing. The fact is, old luxury triggers don't work anymore. The false power of mystery, empty gestures of irreverence and the reality that love is no longer enough is ushering in an new era feminine identity... and new luxury brands need to take note.

"Every brand is a conversation. It is worth asking why millennials are willing to have conversations with certain brands over others – why some brands feel like they are talking with us while others seem to just be talking at us or, even worse, to themselves.

I loosely defined some of these engaging brands as “new luxury” in a previous article. They are brands that engender such fierce loyalty that millennial consumers are willing to disregard all conventional luxury lifestyle markers such as access, price point and heritage to identify with them. They are, oftentimes, the same sought-after brands that are challenging traditional luxury market share.

New luxury forces a reaction. For me and my female millennial peers in the United States, those reactions are very telling, and I believe they are the clues that lead us to the future of the industry."

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Jasmine Bina