The Secret Narratives Of New Luxury

As new luxury evolves and begins to redraw the lines around access, belief and behavior, we are seeing fresh narratives emerge in the space. Just as with any brand in any industry, it is the stories that help guide our understanding as consumers.

I have discussed how new luxury is undermining old-guard brands and changing our perception of the female form, but something even more significant is taking place around the verbal and visual languages that new luxury uses to communicate itself.

By rewriting the narrative, it shifts the landmarks between consumer, brand and world - landmarks once immovable, but now drawing a clear line between the old and new.

“Something happened here”

Heritage brands rely on rambling stories of history and expertise. A watchmaker’s legacy, a jeweler’s century of craft or a couturier's hallowed grounds no longer command the authority they once did...

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Jasmine Bina