What You Don’t Know About American Millennials


In our latest deep dive into American millennial macro trends for Business of Fashion, our CEO Jasmine Bina explores three new and emerging behaviors that all consumer brands should be aware of.

"At the core of today’s strongest brands are strong beliefs. For me and many of my fellow millennials, tenets like individuality, freedom of expression and global connectedness are the pillars of a value system by which I measure the authenticity of everything — including brands.

But beliefs are fool's gold. Experience is what actually matters. Not the user experience offered by a brand, but the life experience of a generation. Look into our histories and you will see early signs of major consumer shifts coming up ahead.

There are three powerful macro trends quietly growing amongst millennials right now. All of them are borne of the cultural and psychological experiences that shaped our lives. The brands that understand and internalize them will win.

Poly Identification: How We Move Between Boxes

When Chiara Ferragni dresses in head-to-toe Chanel one day and Supreme and sneakers the next, she’s not just mixing styles, she’s moving between spaces. It’s indicative of a much larger trend of millennial consumers willing to simultaneously identify as preppy, bohemian, emo, street, glam or any other number of subcultures. Indeed, young consumers increasingly travel between styles instead of committing to a singular diehard identity. Rather than breaking out of the box, they collect boxes that reflect different senses of self at any given moment, on any given day..."

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Jasmine Bina